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Green Street Smoked Meats, Wednesday at 8 p.m
Eater Chicago
"It's just another night at one of the hottest, and smokiest, spots in town."
Restaurant Report: Green Street Smoked Meats in Chicago
The New York Times
"Brendan Sodikoff, a one-man genre-engine of a restaurateur, opened Green Street Smoked Meats, about as authentic as Texas barbecue can be 1,000 miles northeast of Austin."
The 12 Essential Barbecue Restaurants in Chicago
Eater Chicago
"It’s safe to say that Brendan Sodikoff can succeed in whatever he tries his hand at, and barbecue is no exception."
These Are America’s Best Cities for Barbecue
"The newest generation of barbecue spots include the West Loop’s Green Street Smoked Meats—helmed by Brendan Sodikoff."
The 50 Best BBQ Joints in America
Business Insider
"The best place to find Texas-style barbecue in Chicago."
Inside the Bigger, Bolder, and Better New World of American BBQ
Bon Appetit
"Green Street Smoked Meats in Chicago serves brisket pastrami straight off the butcher paper."
Green Street Smoked Meats
Chicago Magazine
"This is the best darn Texas barbecue show in town."
Barbecue Around Town
Check, Please!
"It feels like a glorified backyard barbecue party, with a barnyard vibe echoed by a soaring ceiling, a big bar, and a cafeteria-style line where people queue up for ’cue."
13 Reasons Green Street Smoked Meats is Now the Coolest Spot in Chicago
Thrillist Chicago
"There's marbled-everything on the chopping block, including Texas-style smoked brisket, pork ribs, pork belly, pulled pork sandwiches (topped w/ slaw), hot links, chicken legs, short ribs, tamales, salmon."
BBQ and Country in the City
NBC - 24/7 City Secrets
"Catie visits one of her favorite country barbecue’s in the West Loop."
Slow-Smoked Meats Abound at Green Street
"From the team that brought you Maude's, the Doughnut Vault, and Bavette's comes a Texas love letter to all things slow-smoked over oak and cherry wood. "